Many communities in the Pacific are vulnerable to climate change. Credit: Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas

Help Vulnerable Communities Fight Climate Change

Climate change is predicted to push more than 130 million people into extreme poverty by the end of this decade. 

The time to act is now. Your support today can help vulnerable communities in the Pacific and other high-risk regions tackle the impact of climate change. 

9.2 million people have been affected by extreme events in the Pacific over the past 50 years.

$4.2 billion worth of damages in the Pacific, mainly due to tropical cyclones.


By 2030, global warming is projected to rise, with temperatures increasing in the Pacific by 0.7°C.

Tropical cyclones have become more intense due to changing climate conditions.

By 2030, sea levels are estimated to increase by about 0.09 to 0.18 metres forcing low-lying communities to migrate.

Over the past 50 years, there have been approximately 10,000 reported deaths in the Pacific from extreme events.

Shaniella and other students learning about Disaster Risk Reduction. Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia

Empower communities to fight climate change

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can provide drought resistant seeds for a family
a month can contribute to building a mobile hand washing station to support a community with clean water. 

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Can provide warm blankets to families living in a refugee camp

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible

The Solomon Islands are often hit by tropical cyclones, worsened by climate change. Credit: Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia
The Solomon Islands are often hit by tropical cyclones, worsened by climate change. Credit: Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia

Rising sea levels. Extreme Temperatures. Destructive cyclones.  

Because of climate change, communities in the Pacific, including marginalised and vulnerable groups such as women, people living with disability, children, gender non-binary people, and the elderly, are at risk.  

Many of the communities we work with in the Pacific depend on environmental regularity for food and water security. A changing climate poses one of the greatest threats to their lives - and risks driving them further into poverty.   

We are working alongside our local partners in the Pacific to support communities particularly those vulnerable to the impacts of a changing environment. 

Your donation today can help these communities prepare for the impact of climate change through crucial training such as disaster risk reduction and habitat rehabilitation.  

Shaniella is learning disaster risk reduction to prepare her community for natural disasters. Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia

Shaniella's Story  

After leaving school, Shaniella from the Solomon Islands moved closer to its capital city, Honiara, to study hospitality and tourism. However, her vocational training school was hit by a landslide and cyclone in quick succession, destroying its water supply system and the vegetable garden it relies on for food. 

"I was in school that time when the landslide occurred. I was devastated because I had no knowledge of what to do and where to get information. I saw students in the school panic, I could hear people's screaming, crying and shouting, as if the world is going to end."

- Shaniella 

With the generosity of our supporters, Caritas Australia Solomon Islands (CASI) sprung to action. It helped the school install water tanks, re-establish its garden and provide training in disaster risk reduction. 

To ensure that the school is better prepared to respond to future disasters, CASI ran Disaster Risk Reduction training workshops, raising awareness about evacuation procedures and how to react during an emergency. Now, Shaniella is better prepared if a disaster strikes and can share her knowledge with her community back home. 

Your support today can help fund programs like these to mitigate the disastrous side effects of our changing environment and support vulnerable communities like Shaniella's to become resilient to climate change.  

The funds raised through this appeal will be used to provide immediate and longer-term assistance to communities affected by climate change through Caritas Australia’s local partners. Where this is not possible, the funds will be used to respond to ongoing development needs across all our regions.

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