Caritas Australia in solidarity with Turkey and Syria after devastating series of earthquakes

Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Turkey (officially known as Türkiye) and Syria after a devastating series of earthquakes.

On both sides of the border, buildings have collapsed and rescue efforts are underway to recover survivors from piles of rubble. Freezing winter weather is only adding to the devastation, as the thousands left injured, trapped or homeless are stuck in bitter cold and freezing rain.

Caritas Australia is working with Caritas agencies on the ground to respond to the devastation caused by the earthquake and coordinating with local authorities, including AFAD, the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, to gather information and organise the response.

The Diocese of Anatolia region has been strongly affected by the earthquake. The Cathedral of Iskenderun totally collapsed and Caritas Offices and spaces were strongly damaged.

More information on our response to the earthquake will be available as details emerge.

Your donation can help provide urgent aid and assistance to vulnerable communities affected by the earthquake. Your support can provide life-saving essentials, such as food rations, clean water and emergency shelter.