Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with families impacted by Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar after Cyclone Freddy,  one of the deadliest and long-lived tropical cyclones to have ever been recorded in Southern Africa.

At least 522 people have lost their lives, and over 80,000 more have been displaced.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy started on February 6, but was still going 36 days later, travelling more than 8,000 kilometres and devastating Southern Africa. It is considered one of the most energetic cyclones in recorded history.

Reports from Malawi indicate that whole villages have been washed away without a trace. Roads were destroyed, making it extremely challenging to deliver support and medical attention. 

Malawi — which has been battling a cholera outbreak — is now at risk of a resurgence of the disease.

We pray for all the people impacted by this disaster.