Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with partners in India and Bangladesh after devastating flooding

Flooded town in Bangladesh during the floods in 2022. Photo credit: Caritas Bangladesh

Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of India and Bangladesh in the wake of the worst monsoonal floods in recent history.

Dozens have died and millions of homes left inundated across the countries, leaving over 9.5 million stranded, without food and extremely vulnerable. 

"We pray for all of the people in India and Bangladesh who have lost their lives, their homes or their loved ones during this crisis - especially the vulnerable and marginalised communities who will struggle to rebuild and recover from this disaster," says Melville Fernandez, Caritas Australia's Humanitarian Emergencies Associate Director.

The low-lying Bangladesh faces regular challenges from flooding and cyclones, which are increasing in regularity and severity. It is estimated that about 17 per cent of the people in Bangladesh will need to be relocated in coming years if the impacts of a changing climate continue at the present rate. 

India is facing a drinking water crisis as a result of the monsoonal floods, as families can no longer generate the power needed to filter water. Livestock and farmlands have also been impacted.

Caritas Australia has worked with local communities in India since 1970 and Bangladesh since 1980, and we stand in support of our long-term partners, Caritas India and Caritas Bangladesh as they respond to this crisis. 

"We have worked hand-in-hand with local communities around the world for decades, and now, as ever, the safety and wellbeing of people remains our priority. We will continue to support and pray for the people of India and Bangladesh," says Mr Fernandez.