How you can support survivors of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Caritas Syria staff assessing earthquake damage in Hama, Syria. Photo: Caritas Syria

The death toll from the devastating Turkey-Syria Earthquake has surpassed 50,000 as relief efforts continue to support communities affected by the disaster.  

In Turkey (officially known as Türkiye), more than 44,374 deaths have been recorded while there are at least 5,951 fatalities in Syria, with the majority of them in the north-west part of the country.  

The earthquake has exacerbated the already severe humanitarian needs in Syria, including an ongoing cholera outbreak. Prior to the earthquake, an estimated 15.3 million people in Syria were assessed to require humanitarian assistance – an all-time high for the country, which is entering its 12th year since hostilities started. 

The freezing winter weather is only adding to the devastation with many left homeless or stuck in bitter cold and freezing rain. 

120,000 people

are injured in Turkey and Syria.   

5.3 million people

in Syria require shelter assistance. 

15 million people

in Turkey have been affected by the earthquakes, including 1.7 million Syrian refugees.

How the Caritas network is responding to the earthquake  

Across Turkey and Syria, we are working with our partners on-the-ground to provide relief and emergency assistance to communities affected by the earthquake.  

Our Caritas partners on-the-ground in Syria are currently distributing food baskets, blankets, mattresses, drinking water and hygiene kits in some of the most impacted regions in the country, including Aleppo, Lattakia and Hama. We are also working with other agencies in Turkey to distribute urgently needed humanitarian aid to families.   

Our priority right now is to ensure that people stay warm and have access to hot meals and clean water. People are still grieving or looking for their loved ones, and we are trying to offer the kind of immediate support that will provide a tiny bit of comfort, but also keep people alive and well in the freezing winter conditions.

Sally Thomas, Caritas Australia’s Humanitarian Lead for the Middle East.  

What you can do to help survivors of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake 

The generosity of Caritas Australia supporters has already helped raise $1 million through the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. But there are still many families who need immediate humanitarian support. Here is how you can help.



We encourage all people who wish to support families affected by the earthquake to give financially to support relief efforts in Turkey and Syria.  

During an emergency, it is essential that shelter, food, blankets and clean water are provided to those who need it most, as soon as possible. While it is natural for kind-hearted supporters to want to donate tangible goods, Caritas Australia is not able to accept goods-in-kind as shipping items from Australia to Turkey and Syria, as this takes up precious time and is an insufficient use of supporter’s funds. Cash donations mean that our local partners, who are already in Syria and Turkey, can respond immediately to the most urgent and specific needs.  

It is also vital that goods are sourced locally, so that it can stimulate the economies of local communities and businesses affected by a disaster, which are often hardest hit after an emergency.  

By making a donation today, you are supporting our local partners on-the-ground to help provide urgent humanitarian support to people affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake. 




Another way to help support people in Turkey and Syria is by hosting a fundraiser in your church, school, workplace or with friends. This will help increase awareness about the ongoing humanitarian situation in Turkey and Syria and  raise vital funds to support families affected by the disaster. Click the button below to create your online fundraising page and share it with your family, friends and colleagues to donate.  




It will be a long and difficult road to recovery for the millions of people affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake. 

You can continue to keep the people of Turkey and Syria in your prayers, as they rebuild their lives from this tragedy. We have prepared a prayer that you can download and use in your parish and school.