Leaving a legacy of love for future generations

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September 4th – September 10th 2023

Caritas Australia has partnered with Safewill, one of Australia’s leading online Will writing platforms.

Safewill is an online platform that allows you to create a legally valid Will in just a few clicks. This September is free Wills week, and from the 4th to the 10th of September, you Will is entirely free!

Simply prepare your Will online, submit it for review (they'll respond within three days), and print and sign it!

Write your Will today and help Caritas Australia provide vital aid and relief to vulnerable communities.

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When you lend a hand to someone in need, they will go on to help others and create better opportunities for future generations. Compassion is contagious and creates a ripple effect of kindness and prosperity.     

A bequest to Caritas Australia does not only continue your legacy but can support the work that we do with vulnerable communities across the world and in Australia.  

By leaving a gift to Caritas Australia in your Will, you can help us continue our mission of helping those in need forge a path out of poverty and create a better and brighter tomorrow for all future generations. 

At Caritas Australia, we are determined to help bring education and training, healthcare, clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income to those living in poverty and at risk. And when crises strike, your generosity and support help us deliver urgent emergency relief to families devastated by disaster. 

Join our Chief Executive Officer, Kirsty Robertson, in leaving a gift to Caritas Australia in your Will and help us continue our mission. 

Giuseppe's story

Giuseppe celebrating his dog's birthday. Photo: Supplied.

Giuseppe De Simone, a long-time supporter of Caritas Australia, says he feels blessed to have been born in a peaceful and prosperous country that enabled him to build a comfortable life for his family and retire early.  

“At 62, I’m part of the fortunate baby boomer generation,” Giuseppe says. “About 15 years ago, I sold my IT business so I could enjoy being a father and give back to my local community.”  

Giuseppe recently decided to leave a charitable gift in his Will, as part of his commitment to pay his good fortune forward, and to help support the work of Caritas Australia for generations to come.  

“Caritas Australia changes lives from our nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea, all the way to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa,” Giuseppe says.  

“I am amazed by how much can be done with not very much money. A bequest to Caritas Australia is a small thing I can leave behind to give thanks to God for the many gifts I’ve received.”  

“The whole process was very simple, straightforward and easy,” Giuseppe says.  

“I simply spoke to my lawyer about putting my Will together with a bequest left to Caritas Australia.”  

With the generosity of compassionate Australians like Giuseppe, we are able to continue our work supporting vulnerable communities to achieve their development goals, and building a brighter future where all may thrive. 

To find out more about how to include Caritas Australia in your Will, please download our free Gifts in Wills Guide or visit the Bequests page on our website.

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