Voice from the Field: Ivy Khoury

Voice from the field: Sr Ivy Khoury 

As part of Caritas Australia's Putting Children First program, students in Harare, Zimbabwe, have started a poultry program. The funds go back to the school, which, through your support, has also constructed a borehole which supplies water for a community garden that helps feed students. Photo: Caritas Australia

Sr Ivy Khoury is Caritas Australia’s Program Coordinator for Africa, here’s what she had to say about the lifechanging impact your support enables across much of the continent. 

“I feel inspired that we are trying to follow the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) Principles and the Gospel. I also feel inspired that the centre of our work is supporting the most marginalised and vulnerable throughout the world.

For me it is a privilege and humbling to meet the most marginalised and vulnerable that we serve. They are such an inspiration to me with the way they live with hope and faith believing that God will provide. Their courage is incredible – they never give up and keep striving to make their lives better. 

Watching the people take responsibility of their own lives by participating in all the activities is such an example to me. I absolutely love being with the poor who have taught me so much in my 14 years at Caritas Australia." 

Along with your generous support, this program is also supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP).  

Sr Ivy Khoury during a book distribution. Photo: Sr Ivy Khoury, Caritas Australia.