Voice from the Field: Willy Tan

Thanks to your support, Tarsini can thrive and create a better future for herself and her family.

I’ve worked at Caritas Australia for 12 years now. The most satisfying part of my job has been hearing from community members about what a difference Caritas Australia’s support has made to them. In my last visit to Indonesia, an elderly woman told me: “We are happy that you come and you listen to us. Thank you for the work you do.” That made me feel very happy. I work alongside vulnerable communities, inspiring them, supporting them, and offering them guidance and opportunities for initiating social change and making improvements to their own community. I help them to plan what they want to achieve and take appropriate action and develop activities.

Over the last three years, 8500 people have improved access to toilets and benefited from the construction or repair of water supply systems. This saves community members, especially the women, many hours a day in water collection. That time that can now be spent learning new skills, tending to crops and livestock, caring for children and earning an income.

Ensuring a community has access to safe water not only improves hygiene and sanitation and prevents the spread of water-borne deceases, but is often the starting point for strong community empowerment.

Thank you for your support, which enables Caritas Australia field staff like Willy to work with partners on the ground and foster community development.