Caritas Australia’s CEO tours schools and parishes in Queensland by bicycle

On Sunday, April 16, Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO, started an epic 700 km bicycle ride from Cairns to Townsville to tour and greet schools and parishes.  

Accompanying Ms. Robertson is Richard Landels, Caritas Australia's Advancement Director, and they started their journey from St Monica's Cathedral in Cairns.  

The duo will make pit stops in Mareeba, Herberton, Atherton, Ravenshoe, Godronvale, Innisfail, Silkwood and Ingham where they will meet with local school students and parishioners to talk about Caritas Australia’s work. Ms Robertson and Mr Landels completed a similar trip from Sydney to Melbourne last year.  

“Last year on our ride from Sydney to Melbourne one of the highlights for the both of us was the opportunity to meet so many students, teachers and parishioners,” said Ms Robertson.  

“One thing I learned in that experience was that Caritas Australia is at its best when it is ‘in relationship’ with others - be they other staff, supporters across Australia or communities across the world. We are called to reach out and to build relationships of love and justice. This is our greatest strength and what helps us to achieve ambitious goals, like cycling great distances or ending global poverty and inequality.” 

The journey will end at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Townsville where they will be greeted by Bishop Tim Harris before joining the Mass. 

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