Caritas Australia thanks Michael Peyra for 17 years of service

After a remarkable 17 years, Caritas Australia is saying farewell to Michael Peyra, Caritas Australia’s Senior Coordinator for Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Pacific.  


During his time at Caritas Australia, Mr Peyra has worked in multiple roles, mainly in programs in Asia and the Pacific.  


“Michael has provided incredible support to our country offices over the years, particularly Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands,” said Dan Skehan, Caritas Australia’s Programs Director.  


“He has also been a tireless and passionate advocate for people living in poverty. You don’t commit 17 years of your life to an organisation like Caritas Australia without having a deep desire to see better world and to support those in need. We thank him for his contribution to Caritas Australia and to our partners and staff.” 


Mr Peyra has worked on the Church Partnership Program, the longest DFAT funded program, running since 2004, which has seen some remarkable partnerships and collaboration amongst the seven mainline churches in Papua New Guinea.  


He was also integral in developing the strengths of Caritas Australia’s partners on the ground, particularly KMSS Caritas Myanmar. When Cyclone Nagi hit in 2008, KMSS was not prepared to respond, and Mr Peyra supported KMSS Caritas Myanmar to set up the processes and staff to be able to respond effectively to serious disaster events.  


“Caritas Australia has provided a ‘home’ to me...It has been that place of purpose and of connection for me,” said Mr Peyra. 


“Together, we are chipping away at our attempts to make the world a little bit better than we’ve found it. We still have a long way to go…but I think that collectively, as a team, we can say that we do make a difference. And we make that difference through people and through the values we share. Which makes – and always made - me absolutely proud to be – or have been - part of the Caritas team.” 


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