India surpasses 200,000 COVID-19 deaths

India’s COVID-19 death toll has passed 200,000, with official data showing more than 3,000 fatalities in a 24-hour period for the first time.  

India has also reported an increase of 360,000 cases in 24 hours, a new world record, bringing the total number of cases to 18 million.  

The country continues to struggle with inadequate supplies of oxygen, hospital beds and the antiretroviral drug remdesivir, further challenging the already overwhelmed healthcare system.

In addition to the tragic loss of life, the second wave of COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on some of the most vulnerable and marginalised communities in India. A large percentage of India’s population works in informal labour, relying on cash in hand jobs to survive. The lockdowns put these communities at risk of food insecurity and poverty.  

Caritas India, Caritas Australia's partner in India, is following government requirements to stay at home to reduce the spread of the virus, and finding ways to work with local authorities and partners across India to respond to the crisis.  

Caritas India seeks to provide livelihoods, food, hygiene materials and psychosocial support to the most vulnerable and continue their COVID-19 awareness raising activities.  

Earlier this year, Caritas India won the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Award 2020 for their COVID-19 Humanitarian Efforts as a recognition of their tireless efforts in reaching out to the most marginalised communities during the pandemic, and the organization will continue to focus on supporting these communities.   

Caritas Australia works with our partner, Caritas India, to provide support to the most marginalised and vulnerable. Caritas Australia is accepting donations to help support vulnerable communities in Asia through the Asia Emergency Appeal.  

Visit or call 1800 024 413 toll free to provide much needed support.    


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Chanthea Nou, Caritas Australia’s Program Coordinator for Cambodia and India is available for interview. 

Anjan Bag, Caritas India’s Manager for Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Reduction is available for interview.