Project Compassion 2021 fundraising event in NSW. Photo: Caritas Australia

School resources

Curriculum and topic specific resources for teachers to embed social justice in the curriculum.

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Ecological Justice Calendar 2023 - by Catholic Earthcare Australia

This Ecological Justice Calendar highlights key environmental justice days throughout 2023.

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School Newsletter Notices - Project Compassion

Short stories to share in your school newsletter and on social media.

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Introducing Project Compassion PPT- Primary

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Introducing Project Compassion PPT- Secondary

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Prayer (PPT)

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy - Primary

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy Secondary

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Weekly Reflections - Schools

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Anatercia's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Biru's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Janice's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Rosalie's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Shaniella's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Project Compassion Way of the Cross - Primary

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Project Compassion Way of the Cross - Secondary / Parish

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Primary Passport Hub

Secondary Deep Dive

Upper Primary Passport - PC22

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Lower Primary Teacher Handbook

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Upper Primary Teacher Handbook - PC22

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