TAPITAS - Fundraising Activity

Sepoima is 8 years old. Before a water tank was installed at her home with the support of Caritas Australia, her main source of water was rainwater collected in old fridges. When the water ran out, she and her family would walk to collect water in containers from a neighbour down the street.

Now, Sepoima can access clean water easily at her home from the tap on the rainwater tank!

To help inspire fundraising, create a Tapitas Water Wall with a picture of a tap at the top and water droplets cascading down. Students donate $5 for each droplet. They can write their name, and even add a prayer if they choose, before adding their droplet to the display wall.

If you have a large school, you might have a different ‘tap’ for each grade or house.

Don’t forget to share a photo of your water wall with us! Email: education@caritas.org.au

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