Uncles from Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation. Photo: Caritas Australia.

Sorry Day Webinar

Registrations for this seminar have now closed.

Please see a recording of the event below. 

RECORDING: Sorry Day Webinar

The event featured Uncle Roger (#12) and Uncle Bobby (#24), two survivors of Kinchela Boys Home, one of the most notorious institutions associated with the Stolen Generations. Caritas Australia's First Australians Programs team also spoke on the importance of Sorry Day. 

We Were Just Little Boys tells the story of what happened to behind the gates of Kinchela Boys Home (KBH), where an estimated 400 to 600 Aboriginal children were sent from 1924-1970. It was one of the most notorious Stolen Generations institutions. The film was co-written by the KBH Survivors who also narrate the film. The film's animation is based on the drawings and illustrations of KBH Survivor Uncle Richard Campbell, #28

The truth-telling about the invasion of this land needs to be told. It needs to be told for everybody. Not just the children who were forcibly removed, but for the bigger pain that's not talked about.

Uncle Michael “Widdy” Welsh