Caritas staff responding to earthquake damage. Photo: Caritas network.

We Are There. Before, During and After.

When a crisis hits, we work through our local partnerships to bring aid and relief to people whose lives have been devastated by natural disaster or conflict.

Woman in IDP camp in Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo Bitita Dany/Caritas Goma.

We are there, walking together with the most vulnerable.

A child being checked for malnourishment at a clinic in Somalia. Photo: Miriam Donoghue / Trocaire, Caritas Ireland.

We are there, supporting mothers to forge a brighter future for their children.

Community members in Samoa preparing to clean the mangrove area. Photo: Tim Lam/Caritas Australia

We are there, standing with communities on the frontline of climate change.

Khalina providing support at the border. Photo Phillip Spalek/Caritas Germany.

We are there, before, during and after disasters.

Viktoria with her child after crossing the border to Poland. Photo: Philip Spalek/Caritas Germany.

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will help vulnerable communities to create a better tomorrow.

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We are there to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world today:

Food security

Around the world, an estimated 828 million people will go to sleep hungry tonight. We work with rural communities to learn sustainable farming techniques to grow reliable sources of food all year round. 

With your support, 23,316 people adopted innovative and sustainable agricultural practices in the last financial year.

Disaster response

We are there, working with communities before, during and after a disaster. 

In the last financial year, 388,818 people were reached through our humanitarian efforts in
response to 34 emergencies

Poverty alleviation

Through long-term programs, we work with local communities and our partners to address issues that affect poverty, supporting communities to improve their access to health, education, clean water and income generation. 

Thanks to the support of people like you, 70,494 people gained improved access to drinking water in the past financial year. 

Women's development

Every day, women around the world are disproportionately affected by poverty, food insecurity, climate change, gender-based violence, as well as a lack of access to education, health care and employment.

In the past financial year, 46,439 people participated in sessions on gender issues and women’s equal rights.

Here’s how your donation can help change lives:

Woman with her family in an IDP camp in northern Ethiopia. Photo Jessica Stone/Caritas Australia.

Families in Somalia can access lifesaving support for malnourishment

Rosalie (standing) attends a Saving and Internal Lending Community group (SILC) meeting near her home in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Programs like these run over several years, with improvements made based on community needs. Your long term commitment allows us to improve and adapt programs like these over several years, knowing we have the funds to continue supporting them. Photo: Arlette Bashizi/CAFOD

Ex-combatants in Democratic Republic of Congo can learn essential skills to reintegrate into society.

Thanks to your support, Tarsini can thrive and create a better future for herself and her family.

Communities can access savings and loans groups to help them create employment opportunities.