Tarsini now leads a lending and savings group in her community, enabling other women to have financial independence. Credit: Laz Harfa

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can provide 10 days of food for a woman staying in a domestic violence shelter in Timor-Leste.

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to support women in vulnerable communities

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Women and girls living in poverty are more susceptible to domestic violence, exploitation and unsafe working conditions.

By supporting vulnerable women in the Walk 100KM in September challenge, you are helping to change lives, create stronger communities and provide hope for a better future.

Watch Tarsini's Story

Tarsini from Indonesia experienced extreme poverty and crushing debts. With help from people like you, she was able to turn things around and transform her life. She now uses her newfound skills to help others.

Your support today can help women like Tarsini with:

Entrepreneurship and business management training

Bookkeeping and financial literacy classes  

Sustainable building of household utilities for sanitation and hygiene

Domestic violence shelters and emergency accommodation