Tarsini is an inspiration for the other women in her community, empowering them to transform their lives. Credit: Laz Harfa

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Together, we can help women and girls worldwide access education and basic necessities. Credit: Richard Wainwright

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Women and girls around the world constantly face gender discrimination, inequality and poverty. This year alone, there are estimated to be 388 million women and girls worldwide living in extreme poverty. 

With Caritas Australia, you can help fund programs that give women the opportunity to access education, be financially independent and empower communities.

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47 million

women will be pushed into extreme poverty because of COVID-19


of working people living in poverty are women

193 million

women currently live on less than $1.90 a day


of countries have at least one law that discriminates against women

Tarsini now leads a lending and savings group in her community, enabling other women to have financial independence. Credit: Laz Harfa

Leader. Entrepreneur. Changemaker.

Three words that describe Tarsini today. But it hasn’t always been this way.

For years, Tarsini lived in extreme poverty, having to borrow from moneylenders in her Indonesian village to support her family. But the interest rate was high and her family was trapped in constant debt.  

Through the generosity of Caritas Australia supporters like you, Tarsini was able to turn her life around. She now uses her newfound skills to help other women in her community.