Women in the Nepal Livelihood and Resilience Program. Photo: Eleanor Trinchera/Caritas Australia


With your support, in Nepal we work to improve livelihoods and generate sustainable incomes. We also help communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters.

Our work in Nepal

When people have sustainable livelihoods, they have brighter futures. In Nepal, we support locally-led programs that increase food security and enterprise development. Our programs improve knowledge, confidence, and resilience so that individuals may lead their own development.


Working with local communities in Nepal since 1989


We support one program through one local partner in Nepal


Sustainable livelihoods, disaster risk reduction, food security, enterprise development, children and youth empowerment

Program snapshot

Nepal Livelihoods and Resilience Program (NLRP)

Janaki, a young entrepreneur from Nepal. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Running since: 2018

Partner Agencies: Caritas Nepal

Aims: Promotes food security and livelihoods through sustainable agricultural practices and enterprise development, while addressing issues of protection, disability, human rights, disaster risk reduction, the environment and gender in 20 districts of Nepal.

Who it is for: Marginalised and vulnerable people from poor households 


  • So far, the program has directly benefited nearly 40,000 participants from poor rural and urban households across 23 districts.
  • Over 3,000 farmers have increased their crop yields, leading to improved access to nutritious food.
  • Through a “learning by doing” approach, communities have strengthened their capacity to cope with external risks and environmental changes.
  • Women's and girls’ roles in decision-making have improved in 7 districts.
  • At least 50-60% of their participants are from ethnic minorities and the lower caste.
  • Twenty-four households are involved in high yield vegetable and rice cultivation, as part of an agricultural eco-tourism learning centre and homestay component of this program.

Fact: Since April 2018, this initiative has generated almost AUD$150,000 in income.

Along with your generous support, this program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

More background

Food insecurity is a constant concern throughout Nepal. According to the World Food Program, there are 4.6 million food-insecure people in Nepal and 1.4 million malnourished pregnant women.

Poverty is a challenge faced by many, with around one in four people in Nepal living on less than $1.25 a day. Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in South Asia, with child mortality eight times higher than in Australia.

Natural disasters: Nepal is highly susceptible to natural disasters, making emergency programs and disaster preparedness all the more crucial. In 2015, the country was rocked by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake which killed around 9,000 people, injuring almost 22,000 (sources...WFP, ADB).

You can help

With your generous help, we support programs that improve the livelihoods of vulnerable, marginalised people across Nepal. We assist them to build sustainable incomes to improve food security, mitigate the risks of natural disasters, and support women and youth empowerment.

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