Encouraging handwashing, although some schools don't have access to water. Photo: Caritas Australia/Caritas PNG

Papua New Guinea

With your support, we work alongside partners to improve disaster preparedness and responses, health and livelihoods within communities in Papua New Guinea.

Our work in PNG

We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to live. Most of PNG’s population live in rural areas where natural forces threaten livelihoods. The capacity to respond to disasters is often limited. Our programs improve knowledge, self-reliance, and resilience, ensuring that communities in PNG are prepared for when disaster strikes. In addition to supporting health services and promoting hygiene messages, we are also focused on enhancing the resilience of communities to the economic impacts of COVID-19, through livelihoods programs, as well as continued support for women and children experiencing gender-based violence. 

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Working with local communities in PNG since 1977


We support 11 programs with Caritas PNG and seven other local partners


Disaster risk reduction, education, food security, sustainable livelihoods, protection and reduction of gender-based violence.

More background

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is Australia’s closest neighbour. However, a large gulf exists in the economic development of the two countries. Frequent natural disasters, limited transportation, inadequate access to safe drinking water, tribal conflicts, poor healthcare and education are some of the challenges that face the people of PNG.

Natural disasters: PNG has been hit hard in recent years by earthquakes, droughts, floods and frosts, all of which have led to severe, widespread food and water shortages and loss of livelihoods. Only 40% of PNG’s population has access to safe drinking water, one of the lowest rates in the Pacific islands.

Poverty: Around 40% of its population live below the poverty line. Limited formal job opportunities for the growing employment age population, inequalities in PNG’s economy, infrastructure challenges relating to transport, telecommunications and electricity and social exclusion of some groups mean that many in PNG struggle to meet their basic family needs. 

Gender-based violence: Gender inequality is a huge issue, with around 67% of women experiencing gender-based violence (sources...World Bank, UNICEF). 

You can help

With your generous support, we work alongside our local partners on the ground to improve disaster risk reduction, education, food security, protection and reduce gender-based violence. We are bolstering self-reliance and promoting resource diversity and innovative farming practices to ensure that those in PNG have sustainable livelihoods.

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You can provide critical lifesaving aid and assistance to the communities in Papua New Guinea devastated by earthquakes, cyclones, flooding or conflicts. Your donation means that our partners on the ground can respond quickly and efficiently when disasters strike.

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