With your support, Margret's school was able to install new water tanks to improve their access to clean water. Photo: Neil Nuia.

Solomon Islands

With your help, we support communities in the Solomon Islands to improve their access to water and sanitation facilities and to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters. 

Our work in the Solomon Islands

Vulnerability to natural disasters, a lack of basic infrastructure and civil unrest have combined to make the Solomon Islands one of the least developed nations in the Pacific. We are helping Solomon Islands’ communities improve access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene, promote social justice, be more prepared for natural disasters and to share health messages to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Working with local communities in the Solomon Islands since 1999


We implement two programs in the Solomon Islands


Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), disaster risk reduction and social justice

Program snapshot

Solomon Islands Community Development Program

With Caritas Australia’s support, Margret’s school in the Solomon Islands was able to install eight large water tanks, and a rainwater harvesting system. Photo: Neil Nuia.

Running since: 2018

Partner Agencies: Caritas Australia Solomon Islands

Aims: To improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), to increase preparedness for disasters, and to strengthen social justice within communities

Who it is for: Solomon Island communities with limited access to water, sanitation and hygiene


  • This program has reached 6 communities across the Solomon Islands
  • We have helped install new water supply systems, tanks, pipes, taps and toilets
  • The program has provided increased community education and training around water systems and hygiene, which has led to improved community cooperation, leadership and local governance systems
  • Participation in this program has been strong, particularly amongst female community members

Fact: So far, the program has directly benefited nearly 4,000 participants

More background

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago made up of almost 1,000 islands. Although it’s a nation surrounded by water, it still experiences drought and water shortages. 

Water and sanitation access are an ongoing challenge for the Solomon Islands. Around 70% of people in rural areas do not have access to piped water, while about 85% don’t have access to flushing toilets. 

Poverty: Nearly 13% of the population live below the national poverty line and less than half have access to electricity. The majority live in rural areas where their main source of income is agricultural production. Economic opportunity is constrained by unreliable and costly access to markets and limited access to basic services

Natural disasters routinely devastate the Pacific, and the Solomon Islands are no exception. The Solomon Islands lie within a high-risk earthquake zone and is consequently in the path of tsunamis. The islands are frequently hit by tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions, landslides and drought (sources...World Bank, ADB).

You can help

With your generous support, we work with vulnerable communities to increase access to fresh water, sanitation and hygiene facilities throughout the Solomon Islands. We also work with communities to boost preparedness and responses to natural disasters and promoting social justice and inclusion for all.

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You can provide critical lifesaving aid and assistance to the communities in the Solomon Islands devastated by earthquakes, cyclones, flooding or conflicts. Your donation means that our partners on the ground can respond quickly and efficiently when disasters strike.

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