The Power of Regular Giving

More than a monthly donation, regular givers are part of a community, a collective of compassionate people like you, who are committed to supporting a more peaceful and just world.

By becoming a Champion for Change, you are helping vulnerable people across the world create a sustainable future by partnering with them to deliver three crucial cornerstones of lasting change – food security, clean water and education.

What is the power of regular giving?

Champions for Change put their compassion into action every single month to partner with some of the world’s most vulnerable people. You can help drive this change and be an integral part of creating lasting, meaningful, and sustainable change for people all over the world. In doing so, you create lasting, positive change by helping to improve access to food security, clean water, and education.

Poverty, conflict, and environmental crises have left hundreds and millions of people in a state of vulnerability, and regular giving can offer sustained support for meaningful, enduring change that contributes to fighting the devastating impacts of poverty and hunger.

We know that providing ongoing support to a community is the best way to create genuine, lasting change - it's why we work alongside our partners on long-term programs that tackle the issues that matter most to them.

Monthly donations give us the tools we need to plan for the future, refine and strengthen our programs and significantly increase the number of people we can support.


Ronita (22) smiles outside her front door in a neighbourhood in Quezon City, Philippines. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

This is made possible through the strong partnerships we have throughout each country. It means we can work alongside communities, assisting our partners to create meaningful change together.

What do you receive as a Champion for Change?

You will be a part of the collective of other compassionate people like yourself and kept up to date about the positive impact your support is creating in some of the most vulnerable places across the world. You will receive regular news from our international programs and here in Australia.

Who do my donations support?

Monthly contributions reach far and wide, throughout 24 countries. You can become a partner in:

Anatercia lives in Mozambique and had to take on additional family responsibilities after her father passed away. Photo: Emidio Josine/Caritas Australia

Enhancing access to clean water

Oliva (centre) attends a community adult learning class near her home in Tanzania. Photo credit: August Lucky

Support education and skills training

Priscilla, Zimbabwe, learned conservation farming to produce drought-resistant crops. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

Enhancing food security, improving nutrition, and elevating overall food stability

Tarsini is now a leader in her community, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Credit: Laz Harfa

and so much more

How does Caritas Australia transform regular donations into tangible change, turning compassion into action?

Together, we can empower communities by being there for them and standing alongside them to provide the resources and connections needed to create meaningful enduring change for themselves.

This strengths-based approach allows people to lead their own communities’ development. We are there in partnership with them, supporting them through:

Training and mentoring

Memory sawing a piece of timber in a workshop. Photo: Tim Lam/Caritas Australia

Technical support

Shaniella (right) takes part in Disaster Risk Reduction training (DRR) at a Rural Training Centre near the capital Honiara, Solomon Islands, August 2021. Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia

Risk management

Aloma is an active leader in her community, helping to ensure others are safe during times of crises. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

Organisational development

Project compassion donation box, 2024. Photo credit: Serena Frost


Laxmi, Nepal, rallies for child rights with peers. Credit: Richard Wainwright.

Amplifying their voices

You can tackle water insecurity, supporting people like Anatercia:

Anatercia, a 12-year-old living in a village in southern Mozambique, was struggling to cope with the burden of adult responsibilities. After her father passed away, her mother developed chronic health issues. Anatercia bore the brunt of household chores and had to travel for hours every day to collect water to help her grandparents. Water scarcity also meant that harvests were poor and there was never enough to eat. 

Caritas Regional Chokwe, supported by Caritas Australia, helped Anatercia’s family to irrigate their farm, while also improving water access for households in the village. Her grandmother participated in agricultural training, while the local health committee helped Anatercia to access psychosocial support. 

Now, Anatercia can easily access clean drinking water, families are able to grow crops all year round and there is enough to eat. Anatercia is better supported by her community, has more time to study, and hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse.  

You can provide essential skills training and education to women like Rosalie: Far too often, women are exposed to threats outside of their control that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Barriers like limited access to education, violence and conflict are all contributing factors. Our locally led programs seek to support women to find agency and control over their lives through critical skills training.

Rosalie grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. Her mother did not have the financial security to pay for Rosalie’s schooling. Instead, she was forced to become a child soldier at just 14 years of age.

With your generous help and with the support of local partners on-the-ground, Rosalie joined a Saving and Internal Lending Community group (SILC) where she was able to learn financial management, entrepreneurship, accounting skills and more.

Through this skills training, Rosalie was able to rise from adversity and become a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur.

These are just two of the many unique lives your compassion can touch. Ending poverty is a journey that takes time, planning and a whole lot of perseverance. Together, through the power of regular giving, we can make a difference and create a world that's more just and peaceful. You can be a partner in striving to end poverty, promote justice, and uphold the dignity of all – because making a change starts with each one of us. Become a Champion for Change today.