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Caritas Australia CEO in Ethiopia as fallout from the Ukraine conflict pushes the region to the brink of starvation

04 Jul 22

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: After three years of poor rainfall, some of the worst locust plagues in decades, ongoing conflict and now the impacts of the war in Ukraine, the Horn of Africa is currently facing what is potentially the worst food crisis we have seen in our lifetime.

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Over 1000 lives lost as disaster again strikes Afghanistan

23 Jun 22

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake has devastated Afghanistan and Pakistan, causing over 1,000 deaths and a further 1,600 injuries.   

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Stolen Generation survivors recognised in Bourke plaque unveiling

16 Jun 22

On June 10, survivors from the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation took part in a ceremony hosted by Transport NSW to formally recognise the role that the Bourke Railway station played during the Stolen Generation.

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Caritas Australia and Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation call on government to close the gap for First Australians 

01 Jun 22

This Reconciliation Week, Caritas Australia calls on the government to continue to work towards closing the gap for First Australians.

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Caritas Australia welcomes Albanese government and increased aid spending  

23 May 22

Caritas Australia congratulates Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on winning the federal election and welcomes Labor’s stated commitment to foreign aid and the Uluru Statement of the Heart. 

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Caritas Australia launches campaign to fight famine in Horn of Africa 

20 May 22

After three years of poor rainfall, some of the worst locust plagues seen in decades, and ongoing conflict, displacement and the impacts of COVID-19, millions of people are facing hunger and even starvation across the Horn of Africa.  

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Caritas Australia raises over $3.5 million for Ukraine Appeal 

18 May 22

Since the start of the conflict, Caritas Australia has raised more than $3.5 million for its Ukraine Appeal.  

“We are so incredibly humbled by the generosity of our supporters, both long-term and new. The compassion that they have shown to the people of Ukraine during their hour of need is truly amazing,” said Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO.    

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Caritas Australia welcomes Labor’s pledge to increase foreign aid budget

26 Apr 22

Caritas Australia has welcomed Labor’s pledge to boost Australian Official Development Assistance for Pacific countries and Timor-Leste by $525 million over the next four years and urges the Coalition to increase its own funding commitments.

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Caritas Australia mourns the loss of two Ukraine staff to attacks in Mariupol 

12 Apr 22

Caritas Australia mourns the devastating loss of two of Caritas Ukraine’s staff in the Mariupol centre, along with five other people who were sheltering at the office when it was struck by a Russian tank. 

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Caritas Australia urges that we must not forget global crises

29 Mar 22

Caritas Australia welcomes the new aid commitments at a time when there is greater global need than ever but expresses concern that these increases are not enough to meet growing needs.  

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Church-based volunteer network responding to humanitarian need across Ukraine 

21 Mar 22

An enormous, largely Church-based, volunteer network is responding to the mounting humanitarian need in Ukraine, which is causing devastating consequences for civilians.  

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Caritas warns of increased risk of human trafficking for people fleeing Ukraine 

17 Mar 22

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused over three million people to flee the country – mostly women, children and the elderly.

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Evacuation not enough to address humanitarian need in Mariupol in Ukraine

16 Mar 22

Despite the recent evacuation of at least 160 cars of civilians from Mariupol, there is still concern that the approximately 400,000 civilians left trapped in the besieged city cannot be left much longer without urgent humanitarian aid.  

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Urgent humanitarian support needed for those unable to evacuate in Ukraine

10 Mar 22

Russian bombs have destroyed a children’s and maternity hospital in Mariupol, despite efforts to set up a humanitarian corridor to get the 400,000 residents to safety. It is estimated that 17 people have been wounded, including children and even women in labour.

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Caritas Australia invites Australians to celebrate Caritas Women’s Month

07 Mar 22

This International Women’s Day, Caritas Australia invites Australians to join a series of online public forums this month, held by the global Caritas network for Caritas Women’s Month.

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Caritas Australia calls for urgent humanitarian corridor in Ukraine 

05 Mar 22

Caritas Australia joins the international Caritas network and World Health Organisation in calling for an urgent humanitarian corridor in Ukraine to prevent further loss and suffering. Increasing numbers of people are trapped in cities under constant attack, unable to leave as wide-scale evacuations have not been possible.  

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Caritas Australia welcomes $35 million commitment for humanitarian aid in Ukraine  

02 Mar 22

Caritas Australia welcomes the initial $35 million commitment from the Australian Government for urgent humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.   

“This humanitarian aid is desperately needed in Ukraine right now,” said Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO.  

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Caritas Australia to hold special prayer for Ukraine on Ash Wednesday

01 Mar 22

On March 2, Ash Wednesday, Caritas Australia will be holding “Pray for Ukraine”, a special prayer in solidarity with Ukraine open to all via Zoom at 4pm AEST. Caritas Australia’s Director of Mission, Michael McGirr, will be leading the vigil. 

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Project Compassion calls 'For All Future Generations’ to come together for those in crisis 

01 Mar 22

Ash Wednesday on March 2 marks the official launch of Project Compassion 2022, Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten appeal, which runs for the six weeks of Lent.  

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Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with Ukraine

25 Feb 22

Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of eastern Ukraine in response to the recent significant escalation of armed conflict.   

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