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Walk with Me - Song Lyrics with Reflection Questions (Secondary)

Walk With Me by Gary Pinto. Song lyrics and guided reflection questions for students.

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Water and Sanitation – Secondary

An introduction to the issue of water and sanitation around our world.

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Water Audit

Students conduct a water audit of their school.

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Water Fact Sheet

A fact sheet based on water consumption and wastage.

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Water Game

A board game with an accompanying case study. 

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Water Walk - Simulation (Years 3-8)

A simulation game for Years 3–8 as they explore living without easy access to water.

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We Believe Catholic Social Teaching

A zip file containing 3 different one-page posters of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

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Week 1 Jamila

PC2021 Week 1 Jamila

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Week 2 Margret

 PC2021 Week 2 Margret

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Week 3 Oliva

PC2021 Week 3 Oliva

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Week 4 Arsad

PC2021 Week 4 Arsad

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Week 5 Halima

PC2021 Week 5 Halima

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Weekly Prayers | Project Compassion

Project Compassion Weekly Prayers

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Weekly Reflections

Weekly reflections linking the Project Compassion stories to the Sunday Scripture readings.

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Weekly Reflections for Teachers

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What is Australian Aid? Secondary

A PowerPoint Presentation for Secondary schools exploring the Australian Aid program.

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What is Caritas - Primary

An introduction to Caritas Australia for primary students.

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Women & Development - Secondary Activities

A series of activities exploring gender equality around the world and why women are central to any country's development.

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Women and Development

A PowerPoint presentation that focuses on women and development around the world.

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World Day of the Poor Prayer Posters

Prayer Posters 

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