Children in Papua New Guinea. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

Parish Resources

Prayers, reflections, liturgies and fact sheets for use in your parish or community group. These are designed to help foster faith and action to address social justice issues.

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Climate Action Game

A game based around six families who are working to make a living but who experience the effects of climate change along the way.

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World Day of the Poor Prayer Posters

Prayer Posters 

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The International Women’s Day Prayer

A prayer PowerPoint to acknowledge the dignity and achievements of all women everywhere.

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Key Principles of CST

This PowerPoint has been designed as a broad introduction to the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

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CST Posters

A collection of CST Posters 

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Season of Creation - 1 Sept - 4 Oct

Prayer Service for the Season of Creation

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What is Australian Aid?

A PowerPoint Presentation exploring the Australian Aid program.

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The Beatitudes for Modern Christians

The Beatitudes for Modern Christians

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Sustainable Development Goals - Introduction (Parishes)

A presentation to understand the development of the Sustainable Development Goals and the goals themselves.

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Sustainable Development Goals Posters

A collection of SDG Posters

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Case Study - Philippines

A story about Psyche Mae from the Philippines with accompanying curriculum linked activities.

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Case Study - Australia

A story about Evangline, an arts worker with Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation. Activities included.

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Case Study - Jordan

A story about Bayan, a Syrian refugee now attending school in Jordan. Classroom activities included.

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Case Study - Cambodia (Secondary)

A story about Rattanak from Cambodia who participated in the Deaf Development Program.  Classroom activities included.

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Case Study - Nepal

Case study about Janaki from Nepal. Link to film and activities included.

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SDG Posters

A set of 17 posters representing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Middle East Regional Appeal

This resource explores the current situation in the Middle East Region and what Caritas Australia is doing to support the millions of people in need.

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Australian Aid Secondary Resource

A PowerPoint Presentation for Secondary schools exploring the Australian Aid program.

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The Greenhouse Effect - Secondary

The greenhouse effect is explained in this Powerpoint presentation.

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Liturgy of Hope in Times of Disaster

A liturgy which can be used during any emergency to pray for those affected.

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