60-year-old Tupou lives in Tonga with her husband, son, daughter, son-in-law and grandson near the beach and experienced the trauma of the Tonga volcanic eruption. Photo: Caritas Tonga


With your help, we support programs to improve access to water and sanitation facilities and to support communities to prepare for the impacts of natural disasters. 

Our work in the Pacific

We are deeply committed to supporting our closest neighbours in the Pacific, who live in regions that are vulnerable to natural disasters as well as a lack of basic infrastructure such as clean water and sanitation. People in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea also experience disruptions from social unrest. Our programs support improved health, water and sanitation, resilience to a changing climate and continued support for women and children. 


We have worked in the Pacific since 1977, currently working with four local partners. 


We support eleven programs in the Pacific. We also implement programs directly in the Solomon Islands through Caritas Australia Solomon Islands. 


Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); disaster risk reduction; social justice; education; food security; sustainable livelihoods; protection and reduction of gender-based violence.

The Towards New Horizons report looks at the state of the environment.
The Towards New Horizons report looks at the state of the environment.


The Caritas Oceania State of the Environment Reports details the impacts of a changing climate on millions of people across the Pacific, including rising sea levels, erosion and disasters. 

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With your generous support, we work alongside our partners on the ground to improve food security, education, protection and water and sanitation, support disaster risk reduction, and reduce gender-based violence. We are promoting resource diversity and innovative farming practices to ensure that families in the Pacific have sustainable livelihoods.

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You can provide critical lifesaving aid and assistance to the communities in the Pacific devastated by earthquakes, cyclones, flooding or conflicts.

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