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Standing with Communities: Before, During and After Emergencies

24 Oct 19

Caritas Australia provides emergency response, resilience and recovery programs in 22 countries throughout the world. This support empowers people who are living in crisis, conflict or the aftermath of disasters, to gradually rebuild their lives.

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Celebrating Success: Caritas Nepal turns 30

23 Oct 19

This year Caritas Nepal is celebrating its 30th anniversary of walking alongside the people of Nepal helping them face humanitarian crises, social injustice and poverty for a more prosperous and resilient future.

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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Program

23 Oct 19

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing 8,800 people, injuring over 22,000 and destroying in excess of 6,000 homes. This was accompanied by a severe aftershock a fortnight later on 12 May. 

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Anti-Poverty Week 2019

17 Oct 19

Approximately 3% of Australians (700,000 people) experience poverty. People living in single parent families, the unemployed, disabled, Indigenous Australians and children living in jobless households are especially at risk of entrenched poverty.

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Women for the World: Empowering Women through Wellness

15 Oct 19

Sabina Sulovsky is the face behind Project Mamma - a health, fitness and wellness program for busy women and mothers. As part of her support for Women for the World, she kindly donated 3 Transformation Well-being packages worth $1,999 each. 

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The Syrian Conflict

15 Oct 19

Since the Turkish military operation commenced in the afternoon of 9 October 2019, there have been continuing reports of intense shelling and airstrikes along the north-east Syrian border.

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International teacher’s day

03 Oct 19

Saturday 5 October marks International Teacher’s day, celebrating the success of teachers throughout the world, creating a bright future for students. The day also affirms the importance of recruiting the best young talent, retaining their expertise and inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

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Shimray on Scheduled Tribes

26 Sep 19

I've come to Australia for the Women for the World event. 

I really am grateful to Caritas Australia for having invited me here. This is a wonderful event, particularly for women.

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Empowering women to walk in solidarity

24 Sep 19

Caritas Australia has been celebrating its annual Women for the World campaign. This momentous celebration of female empowerment is uniting women in solidarity across Australia. Luncheons have been held in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. 

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Celebrating our Women Humanitarians

19 Aug 19

Eleanor Trinchera is Caritas Australia’s Program Coordinator, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. She has had a colourful career in the 10 years she has worked for Caritas, witnessing many crises faced by the countries she oversees but most importantly, the resilience and determination of the communities she works with.

Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we asked her about her experiences.

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Supporting Syrian women in Lebanon

07 Aug 19

Over the last two years, the Caritas Protection Program in Lebanon has become a critical initiative towards meeting the protection needs of 900 women and children displaced by the violence. 

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Becoming a Woman for the World – Anu tells her story

29 Jul 19

We spoke to Anu about Bidiliiia, her interest in Women for the World and how women in business can empower vulnerable women to be architects of their own destiny.

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The program ensuring Syrian children can look forward to a brighter future

26 Jul 19

Through the Caritas Education Program (CEP), Caritas Australia, along with our partners Caritas Jordan, Catholic Relief Services are helping 2355 Syrian refugee children with access to education across eight local parish schools in seven areas of Jordan. 

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5 things to know about St Josephine Bakhita

25 Jul 19

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that exploits men, women and children worldwide and is a severe violation of human rights.  It is estimated that millions of people are trafficked annually into vulnerable situations. 

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5 things to know about the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

20 Jun 19

It has been described by the UNHCR as “one of the largest exoduses of refugees witnessed in recent decades.” Here’s some essential facts about the Rohingya crisis.

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Pope Francis quotes on the Environment from Laudato Si'

05 Jun 19

Laudato Si' was written by Pope Francis, but is not limited to Catholic audience. Neither is it an essay on climate change exclusively. The encyclical is addressed to all citizens of the world and comments on the deteriorating relationship between people and nature. 

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Red Dust Healing: The Importance of Cultural Healing Programs written from an Indigenous Perspective

29 May 19

Caritas Australia has walked in solidarity with the First Peoples of Australia for over 40 years, being guided by respect and a belief in subsidiarity. Community members are best placed to understand the issues that affect them, and to formulate the subsequent solutions.

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Raising voices through art

22 May 19

Tjanpi Desert Weavers works with over 400 women living on their traditional lands across 350,000 square kilometres, helping women support their families and those under their care.

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How are disability and poverty linked?

21 May 19

For many people, disability and poverty are intrinsically linked. People living in poverty are at higher risk of having a physical, sensory, mental or intellectual impairment, due to a range of factors such as unsafe living conditions and inadequate access to health services.

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Cyclone Fani: Message of Solidarity

07 May 19

Tropical Cyclone Fani made landfall on May 4, with wind speeds of up to 175 kilometres per hour. Early warnings have ensured around 1.6 million people have taken shelter in cyclone-safe accommodation.

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